Personal Injury

Re K [2015] Fast Track Application

Montclare successful applied for permission to rely on further medical evidence and for Part 35 questions

Re C [2015] Fast Track: Strike out

Montclare acting for a Defendant insurer obtained an order for strike out of the Claimant’s claim pursuant to CPR 3.4(2)(c) and summarily assessed costs.

M v A [2014] Fast track

Montclare aided court in setting directions in a CMC.

A v T [2014] Fast Track Trial

Montclare secured a judgment of over £8000 for his client and a similar sum in costs.

C v N [2014] RTA

Montclare secured judgment on their counterclaim for his Defendant client and dismissal of the Claim.

B v U [2014] Fast Track Trial

Montclare recovered costs of over £13000 plus judgment for his clients on their claims.

B v T [2013]  Multi-Track Hearing

Montclare dealt with the setting down of directions

K v N [2013] Settlement Hearing

Montclare was involved in a case where over £11000 was approved by the court in settlement.

Y v H [2013] Application

Montclare made a successful application on behalf of his Defendant client to set aside a default judgment applying CPR 13.3.

C v B [2013] Fast Track

Montclare dealt with personal injury directions hearing.

V v W [2012] Croydon County Court

Montclare was successful in applying for relief from the sanction of strike out of the Claim, which was reinstated with no order for costs against his client. (CPR 1.1, 3.9)

B v O [2012]

Montclare recovered general damages for personal injury of  £2000 and costs of just over  £5000.

E v S [2012]

Montclare recovered just under £13000 costs, having recovered a 100% uplift and damages of over £1500 in relation to a Fast Track personal injury claim.

V v J [2012] Multi-Track CMC

Montclare dealt with directions hearing.