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This is an article on London barristers

This article is meant for those interested in instructing London Barristers / London Counsel for their matters. No matter where you are based around the UK, legal services are provided for both individuals and companies in London.

Traditionally London Barristers were housed physically within the four Inns of Court: Grays Inn, Middle Temple, Inner Temple and Lincoln’s Inn. In modern times there are now Barristers located in the City of London other wise know as the Square mile.

These Chambers are at 5 Wormwood Street London EC2M 1RQ. Services are therefore accessible to local London businesses and individuals in addition to nationally.

If you have a case in a London Court we can be of assistance to you. We often act for Solicitors based in other regions of the UK who are looking for a London Barrister to deal with their cases at court. Personal Injury Counsel are often sought after in relation to this for Stage 3 MOJ Portal hearings and other Personal Injury / Road Traffic Matters. These services are provided in addition to the Civil, Commercial, Motoring Offences and Insolvency / Bankruptcy work we do.

The benefit to having a local Barrister to assist you with local representation in your matters are multitude for instructing solicitors.

If you are a public access client you can get benefit of professional legal representation.

London barristers practise in a number of areas of law. For example if you are a personal injury solicitor based in another region of the country like Liverpool, Cheshire, Leeds, Wales, Manchester, Birmingham or any other region, you can use local London Counsel.

You also may be seeking a Commercial Barrister to assist with a breach of contract disputes of enforcement of a debt in either the County or High Court. Counsel are also instructed in relation to divorce matters.

Barristers Fees

Normally where Counsel are instructed by solicitors fees payable 30 days after the hearing. In relation to public access and direct access matters they payable in advance and the amount being subject to negotiation.

Sending instructions to Counsel

It is very important to send papers well in advance of the hearing and a minimum period of seven days is recommended.

In today’s technological age the availability of email is very crucial to ensure efficiency in legal services. The best way to send papers is therefore by email. In certain circumstances papers can be sent to Counsel’s personal address. Where papers are sent via email this reduces the amount of copying and printing that needs to be done of the instructions. If in doubt you should also raise with Counsel what is best in the particular circumstances. Where papers are sent via email there is no need to send papers back and therefore results in a saving for the client as administrative costs are often reflected in the fee charged as regards instructing solicitor’s disbursements or Counsel’s fee.

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