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Immigration Barrister Representation

Montclare can represent you, your family, spouse or partner in your visa appeal hearings. He specialises in advocacy and is a first class honours graduate and fully qualified practising UK Barrister.

As a direct access Barrister he can take instructions to appear for you directly in court or you can ask the Immigration Solicitors acting for you to instruct him.

His Immgration Barrister fees are reasonable in the realm of Barristers.

Steps for you to take

1. (a) The best thing for you to do is to fill out the contact form confirming the date of the hearing, location and your contact details.


(b) Alternatively  you can email to book him for your hearing. For all advocacy work Montclare will require his fee to be paid in advance applying the guidance of his regulator. Please take this into account.

2.  For your hearing (using a first tier immigration appeal as an example), you will need to have sent to the a. The Home Office, b. the court and c. Montclare, your court paginated bundle, containing all the documentation and evidence that you seek to rely on for your appeal. You need to do this before the deadline specified. This will need to include individual witness statements with a statement of truth from all the parties appealing and any supporting witness statements from witness to the event discussed.

3. Once Montclare has received your paperwork he will phone or email you to give you a quote and if you are happy to proceed he will issue you with a client care letter. Montclare as per the client care letter will require his fee to be payable in advance. Please take this into account, particularly if the hearing is listed for the next few days.

4. Once Montclare’s fee is paid he will arrange to have a  telephone discussion to discuss your case and then meet you 30 minutes before your hearing starts for a further discussion.

Immigration BarristersImmigration Barrister

Please note  that the above is for information only and does not constitute advice to be relied upon. If you have a specific immigration query you should consult a lawyer for advice.