Credit Hire / Repair

E v Q [2015] Credit Hire

Montclare recovered a daily rate of £210 plus vat , whereas the Defendant had contended for a rate of £100 per day, representing a 110% increase over the rate the Defendant argued applied.

T v S [2015] Credit Hire

Montclare recovered full period claimed of 30 days, subject to the court’s decision on liability.

S v H [2014] RTA/Credit Hire

Montclare recovered compensation for his client whose vehicle was damaged by a lorry.

A v L [2014] Credit Hire

Acting for his Defendant client Montclare persuaded the court to reduce the period claimed from 17 days to 5 days and to dismiss the claim for a collection and delivery charge. The outcome was that his client’s offer was more than the court awarded and as a result Montclare was able to recover costs for his client. The court awarded just under £500 and the Defendant’s offer was circa £1800. It amounted to a significant saving for his client of at least 300%.
W v J [2014] Credit Hire

Montclare achieved a judgment for his client where the period claimed was reduced by only one day to 29 days and recovered circa 80% of the rate claimed.

F v S [2014] Credit Hire

Montclare secured a period for his client of 18 days compared to the 20 days claimed and a figure of just under £100 daily rate.

O v E [2013] Credit Hire

Montclare recovered the full period claimed of 57 days, full collection and delivery charge and  fixed costs.

L v S [2013] Credit Hire

Montclare established that his client was impecunious and recovered sum for hire plus costs.

M v J [2012]

Acting for a Defendant, Montclare negotiated and secured a settlement of liability and quantum on a credit hire matter at the door of the court.
I v B [2012] Credit Repair matter

Judge: “ waiting for 2 hours could have struck out but have not due to your (Montclare’s) persuasive advocacy”. The Judge also gave judgment for Montclare’s client in respect of liability.

M v K [2012]

Montclare recovered 83% of the period claimed in a credit hire claim, plus delivery charge and a favourable judgment on liability.

I v B [2012] Credit Hire and Repair

Montclare recovered his fee due to the unreasonable conduct of the other party, over £2500 (which included the full hire period)  in respect of the heads of claim, witness expenses and fixed costs.

M v M [2012] Credit hire

Montclare recovered all Credit Hire claimed of just under £4000.