Court of Appeal

Court of Appeal civil division

The Civil Appeals Office is responsible for the administration of the Court of Appeal Civil Division.

The Office supports the Court in making the best use of the judicial resource. To that end –

  • It verifies whether this Court has jurisdiction
  • It ensures that all the papers necessary for determining the case are available and in good order
  • It ensures that there is compliance with all procedural steps
  • It manages the progress of each case from setting down to disposal
  • The Office draws up the constitutions of the Court, and under the Direction of the Master of the Rolls supervises the allocation of cases to those constitutions
  • The Office ensures that orders reflecting the decisions of the Court are properly drawn; and
  • The Office provides assistance to the legal profession and to individual litigants

The Civil Procedure Rules, Part 52.16 (2), provide that the Master and the Deputy Masters may exercise the jurisdiction of the Court insofar as it relates to –

  1. any matter incidental to any proceedings in the Court of Appeal;
  2. any other matter where there is no substantial dispute between the parties; and
  3. the dismissal of an appeal or application where a party has failed to comply with any order, rule or practice direction.

In practice most of this business is handled on paper, although there are weekly ‘dismissal lists’ taken in open court by the Master or by the Deputies. Those orders are reviewable by the Court.

The Office is divided into 4 main sections. They are the Registry, the Case ProgressionTeams, the Listing Office and the Associates Office

The Registry

The Registrydispatches appeal packs to litigants wishing to file an appeal to the Civil Division of the Court of Appeal.

This Office receives new cases as well as additional bundles of documents at the counter and checks that all documents are filed within the relevant time limits. All new cases and documents are entered on a computer system and a single reference number is issued to the appellant/respondent. The case reference number issued (e.g. A1 2003/1456) will follow the case throughout its life in the Civil Division of the Court of Appeal.

The counter is open to the public from 10.00am to 4.30pm and staff answer telephone enquiries relating to routes of appeal, completion of an Appellant’s Notice and preparation of a bundle of documents throughout the day.

The Registry also deals with correspondence with litigants in person and queries relating to issue of new cases.


The Case ProgressionTeams

The Case ProgressionTeams check that the documentation submitted complies with the Court’s requirements and ensure that the case is ready for hearing. They monitor the progress of cases and when necessary, correspond with solicitors and parties. They also arrange for collection of documents by Lord/Lady Justices’ Clerks and return of papers after hearing.

There are three case progressionsections, organised according to the Court from which the appeal arises, one dealing with High Court, another with County Courts including Family, and the third one dealing with the Administrative Court and AIT.

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The Listing Office

The ListingOffice lists applications for permission to appeal, substantive appeals for hearing and prepares the Daily Cause List, which is the list of cases heard in the Civil Division of the Court of Appeal each day.

This office is also responsible for referring applications which are dealt with on paper to Lord/Lady Justices.

It has a public counter open from 10.00am to 4.30pm which is used for general listing queries and for fixing cases with Counsel’s Clerks.

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The Associates

The Associates Office consists of Court Clerks who attend hearings, call cases on in court and prepare Court Orders. The Associates sit in up to 13 courts in the Royal Courts of Justice.

They also deal with general after-court enquiries.

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Contact details

Correspondence for any section within the Civil Appeals Office may be addressed to:

Civil Appeals Office
Room E307
Royal Courts of Justice
The Strand
London WC2A 2LL

DX 44456 Strand

How to get there – map.

Alternatively, you may contact the particular section:


For queries about the issue of new cases

Telephone: 020 7947 7121
Fax: 020 7947 6740

Applications and Appeals must be filed with the Clerk at this address either in person, by prior arrangement, or by post. They cannot be filed by fax or email.

For guidance on filing an appeal or application by email please see electronic and email filing guidance below.

Case Progression

Case ProgressionGroup A – for queries about the lodgement of papers for court in High Court and Employment Tribunals appeal cases and general case progress after issue

Telephone: 020 7947 6139
Fax: 020 7947 6736
E-mail Case Progression group A

Case Progression Group B – for queries about the lodgement of papers for court in County Court and Family appeal cases and general case progress after issue

Tel: 020 7947 7828
Fax: 020 7947 6810
E-mail Case Progression group B

Case Progression Group C – for queries about the lodgement of papers for court in Immigration Tribunal, Judicial Review and Public Law appeals cases, and general case progress after issue.

Telephone: 020 7947 6096
Fax: 020 7947 7679
E-mail Case Progression group C



Listing Office

For queries about listing cases for hearing, and other queries regarding hearing dates, and should also be used for queries about the settlement of cases

Telephone: 020 7947 6195
Fax: 020 7947 6621
E-mail Listing Office


Relates to the Associates or Court Clerks and should be used for queries about Orders of the Court, and any other post judgment matters

Telephone: 020 7947 6879
Fax: 020 7947 6751
E-mail Associates Office

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