<h1>Article: Counsel</h1>


<h2>This is an article on the word Counsel</h2>


<h3>Counsel is the word used to describe Barristers or a Barrister it is used in a single and plural sense. Barristers are often referred to as ‘ of Counsel ‘


Other uses of the word ‘ Counsel ‘ include


  1. Instructions to Counsel


  1. Counsel’s instructions ‘
  2. Instructing Counsel


A Barrister may refer to him or herself as an ‘ of Counsel ‘ when advertising or in


Chambers may advertise there Barristers is the following way:


“Counsel in these Chambers offer the following services”


The important thing to note is that the term is used to describe the same professional and there aren’t for example a different category of legal professionals from Barristers who are separately referred to as Counsel. It is fair to say that the use of the term is to a large extent governed by tradition. One will find that it is a term that is used more often than not by instructing solicitors as opposed to members of the public. The public are more likely to search for the term Barrister or Barristers.  Across time people who have been involved in litigation may become accustomed to the term and use it as frequently as legal professionals.


One exception to the above paragraph is the use of the term General Counsel in companies to refer to lawyers who may be Solicitors or Barristers or International Lawyers who perform legal services. These Lawyers will still instruct outside Counsel when it is appropriate to do so.


International use


In America within court one will often hear the judge and sometimes other Lawyers refer to their opponents as Legal Counsel or Counsellor.


Non –  Legal use


Another use for the term outside the scope of Law relates to the services provided by Psychiatrists, Psychologists and other therapeutic practitioners. They will often be involved in the provision of counselling services and they Counsel those in need of their services.


There are also professionals that have the title Counsellor who perform a similar function.</h3>


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