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“Montclare is an excellent Barrister…” – North Ford Solicitors

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Chambers of Montclare Campbell LL.B First Class Honours

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Public Access Barristers

Public Access Barristers Chambers

“Over all it was a good result for the Defendant (Montclare’s Client) especially on general damages.”

Karl Smith, Plexus Law

“Thank you (Montclare Campbell), good result!”

Sarah Doyle

Minster Law

Public Access Barristers. Working directly for Solicitors, Businesses & the public across London, Oxford, Cambridge, Leeds, Newcastle, Leicester, Liverpool, Birmingham, Manchester, Northampton, Essex, Kent, Surrey, Sussex & Southampton

Barrister Profile: Higher Rights of Audience, 2009

Areas of practice

Drink Driving Offences

Commercial Litigation

Breach of Contract

Insolvency Law

Family Law

Stage 3 MOJ Hearings

Personal Injury

Credit Hire

Intellectual Property

Banking & Financial Dispute Resolution

Corporate Finance

Mergers & Acquisitions

Cross Border Disputes

Montclare obtained full Rights of Audience in 2009. He has specialised in advocacy for over 7 years since 2007. He was then called to the Bar. He is known for his personable approach, attention to client care, focus and flexibility in all areas of his practice. He is a determined advocate who prioritises the interests of his clients as much as possible.

He is one of the Public Access Barristers and is happy to take instructions from solicitors, businesses and members of the public.

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Telephone bookings – 07404 588 660


Comments from instructing solicitors include:

“Montclare provided a great  service, dealing well with clients and giving excellent advice.”

“Montclare was instructed to attend Court in a straight forward, simple matter which he still dealt with in a very professional and efficient manner. When in discussion with Montclare he was always very polite and was also very quick in returning calls and reporting the outcome of the trial. I would recommend Montclare to colleagues.”

“Thats great news, thank you for your services in this matter.”

“Many thanks for this speedy work” (Solicitor comments regarding written work)

“That’s wonderful. Many thanks Monty.”

“Stellar effort! Very pleased with the outcome.”

“Many thanks for representing the client at today’s hearing. I can confirm that the client was very happy with your expertise and competence.”

“Thank You, Montclare looks like you did a fine job……..”

 Why choose Montclare as your barrister?

Intellectual heavyweight and commercially focused – Having graduated with a first class honours degree in law, he is down to earth and personable and takes a practical and commercial approach to legal problems.

The big picture – He has experience of dealing with cases from initial instruction, drafting pleadings to final hearing so is well versed to dealing with matters requiring a Public Access Barrister.

Montclare has appeared in court on behalf of both Claimants and Defendants, assisting with recovery of damages / debts and dealing with breach of contract claims.

Prior to coming to the Bar Montclare had extensive experience in the legal profession having provided legal advice to over 800 businesses, whilst seconded to a FTSE AIM listed PLC. He has experience taking matters from initial instruction to final instance and/or settlement, having worked in various capacities in a variety of law firms and can foresee how to avoid potential obstacles well in advance due to this insight.


LLB First Class Honours Law

Outside the office

Montclare plays the piano and hammond organ.

Follow Montclare on Twitter @montycampbell

Public Access Barristers bookings – 07466 114 748

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Specialist Drink Driving Lawyer Services

Montclare Campbell is one of a group of the few Drink Driving Lawyers across the UK who provide specialist services in relation to Drink Driving charges and Speeding charges in addition to the other areas of law he deals with.

He is instructed by Solicitors at the most well known Drink Driving Solicitors’ firms as well as receiving instructions directly from members of the public.

He has dealt with Drink Driving trials, plea / mitigation hearings and case management conferences at several Magistrates courts across England.

A charge of Drink Driving is very serious, where someone convicted will be disqualified from driving (subject to defences which may apply) which would have serious ramifications for their work and domestic activities.

There are Drink Driving defences available.

To see if any Drink Driving defences apply to your case get in touch. If you are looking for a Drink Drive Lawyer to represent you in relation to a Drink Drive charge you are facing use the contact form, call 07466114748 or email .

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The service is available 24/7 weekends & weekdays by phone, email and online.

Click here to get information on instructing a Public Access Barrister as an intermediary (i.e. Legal Executive, Accountant or Mackenzie Friend) or as a business, landlord or member of the public directly! Debt, Breach of Contract and Landlord & Tenant matters dealt with including evictions / repossessions.

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